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Before you start, please take note that this is a freelance opportunity and you will only be paid for successful referrals/sales! Don’t worry, people like you make upwards of £3K each month.


Skylink Research's mission is to empower their customers to achieve their desired grades, and to democratise access to transparent and predictable academic help services. The position of this role means you will be expected to be the first line of contact for both the company 'Skylink Research' and buyer 'The client.' You will also work closely with all aspects of the business from Ops to Writing teams to ensure customer success is implemented throughout the process.

Our Top Performers in June 2022

They Are Probably Relaxing Somewhere At Playa De San Pedro De Alcántara In Marbella, Spain Or Even Enjoying A Jaccuzi With Pina Coloda At St Barth, The Secret Island of Millionaires While Their Money Grows!

ID 7523***SR. £3750

Lesley Huggil, Manchester, UK.

ID 1649***SR. £3250

Daphne Sparrow, Stockholm, Sweden.

ID 2087***SR. £2750

Andrea Froggatt, Santa Monica, United States.

ID 1882***SR. £2250

Luise Morrissey, Melbourne, Australia

ID 1754***SR. £1750

Katrina Ashbourne, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.

ID 1267***SR. £1500

Cathy Maynard, London, UK.

Skylink Research
Spread the Word - Get Paid to Help Your Friends!

Our simple Client Manager  program lets you share our services with your network – family, friends, classmates, and other students on social media. Once you invite a single customer, consider it an investment. You know why? We pay you a £250 for every full dissertation service your referrals purchase from us. That tells you the more you invite, the more you make money.

The Sky Is The Limit!

Skylink Research won’t stand on your way in marketing efforts. Whether you want to run the campaigns full-time or just a few seconds in a day, all is upon you. You earn money for ALL referrals you bring on board. Therefore, feel at home to do business as you deem fit.

You earn money for ALL referrals you bring on board. Therefore, feel at home to do business as you deem fit.


Apply to get a special code. We like our circles small, that’s why we give the special code ONLY to qualified applicants.


After you receive your special code,  it’s time to share it with your friends. Help us make it go viral — we know you can!


When someone registers using your special code, they save 10% on their first order, and we pay you £250. It’s a win-win!

Give 10% to Earn £250!

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How You Can Succeed!

Why Join Us?

The average order value for our services is £1250; a graduate level dissertation. It’s slightly lower for undergraduate and much higher for postgraduate dissertations. Thus, we can comfortably guarantee our Client Managers a £250 earning for every purchase, and offer their referral a 10% discount too! Perhaps you won’t earn much from a single referral, but inviting more students and friends will help you scale up your earnings over time.

You’ll Love Our Simplicity!

You don't need to create an account to get started. All you need to do is email us and we will give you a special code.

Orderly Earning Statistics

As part of transparency values, we will immediately email you when a client makes an order using your special code so you can track your performance easily in real-time. .

Get Paid Every Month

We will email you every end-month to notify you of your earnings and upon your approval and confirmation, they will be send to you using your preferred payment method.

What Our Top Earners Says

We asked some of our top-earners what strategies they applied to earn more than others. The strategies applied here are quite simple, and anyone can replicate them. Here is what some of them had to say!

Skylink Research

The first day I got my special code I passed by the school writing center and found a mix of about 12 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. I sold the idea of seeking custom dissertation writing help and about 6 signed up the same day. I repeated the same strategy for the remaining days of the month and come endmonth I was a top-earner. 

Lloyd Hansen, Top Earner, March 2022 - £3250.
Skylink Research

Hey my name is Jenna and I am currently doing my pupilage at a top law firm in London.  Most of my clients are co-workers and fellow lawyers who can not find the time to commit to the writing process for a full dissertation and at the same time handle work. My effective strategy is just a word of mouth to my studying collegues. 

Jenna Brewer, Top Earner, May 2022 - £2750.

As a working-student nurse, it is very difficult to balance the two. And the same problem applies to my colleagues too. The minute I found about the Client Manager program from Skylink Research, I knew my financial life was about to change. I sold the idea to everyone whom I knew was in school and as expected, almost everyone needed special help with their dissertations. 

Ana de Armas, Top Earner, Dec 2021 - £3750.

I graduated with an MBA from a world class business school in 2020. During my year, we were about 25 students. When I found about this program from Skylink Research, I myself first enrolled and after receiving my full thesis from Skylink Research, I turned on to my classmates and sold them the idea. 10 of them signed up and I was a top earner. I have since been depending on Skylink Research as the main source of income. 

Marissa Wiegler, Top Earner, July 2020 - £2500.

My name is Mykel and I live in Dubai. A couple of years ago I was searching for a way to make extra money online during my long-break from school. This led me to this program from Skylink Research. After a few days of deliberation, I signed up and on receiving my special code I went to school the same day and gave the code to some random guys working on their postgraduate dissertations. After rinse and repeat, the rest is history! 

Mykel Zadek, Top Earner, August 2016 - £3000.

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Bring your passion: Build a career without boundaries. Do work that matters, with the flexibility to pursue your passion wherever it leads. Bring your ambition to make a difference. We’ll bring a world of opportunities. Some of the top earners depend on Skylink Research as their main source of income. Some are even employed but they can’t live without us.  Whether they’re selling Skylink Research to their family members, classmates, or friends they find at school, we’re collaborating in every step to help everyone achieve more, and earn more in life!

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