Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy: We use different types of cookies, namely performance cookies, strictly necessary cookies, advertising cookies, and functionality cookies, primarily to achieve various functions on the website and improve the user experience with us.

Note also that cookies can function between a first party and a third party, where the first party involves those cookies that our website will set on your browser, while third-party cookies are set by a different provider on a different website but are functional and are tasked with tracking information within our website.

  • Strictly necessary cookies. Strictly necessary cookies are those kinds of website cookies that are necessary for the functionality of a web application or website. That is, without them, essential tasks cannot be achieved by the website.
  • Performance Cookies. These cookies are tasked with collecting information concerning how internet browsers use our website, like on what pages specifically and how long they spend on them, amongst other things. This is usually achieved by the use of Google Analytics, which tracks the number of visitors to our website, amongst other general information
  • Functionality Cookies. Such cookies allow the website to remind you of your recent searches or choices or, relatively, to provide additional services like live chats.

We similarly use Google Analytics to track repeat visits to the website, including the users’ location, to best serve you information on what you are into. We may send you introductory messages when you are accessing the web for the first time, to get familiar with how to use the app. Your location can also determine what content we can show you.