Fair Usage Policy

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Disclaimer: we offer services ranging from research materials to already written academic papers and customised services. Remember to always cite any material from our website.

Our Fair Use Policy: for the last two decades, we have worked to support students academically in their course works and assignments through Our Fair Use Policy which gives guidelines on how to use our material for purposes of coming up with your original work.

The ethics of our Model Answer Services

How to avoid cases of plagiarism: Our model answers give you pathways and knowledge on how to go about your work by doing further research and creating a better understanding of how the assignment should be dealt with. In most cases, people are tempted to use or alter our model dissertation to their own which is regarded as academic dishonesty that can cost you not only good grades but building on your knowledge and creativity. Our services are not to help you cheat but give you tips on how to create the original work that can build you better grades and break through difficulties you might face in the process of writing your dissertation.

How should I use my model answer?: In circumstances where you are stuck on how a particular question should be answered, or how to create a starting point, our model answer services are always in for that by providing a better view to go about the question, although the writers can come up with different approaches by using our guidelines to handle their researches and build with their own 100% original work. These can be ways one can use our model answers;

  • Firstly, one is needed to run through the entire model answer provided for purposes of knowing how we tried to bring out the responses or answers to the asked questions.
  • Go back and read through each section of the model answer as you make short notes to grasp the little tips.
  • From the short notes, be creative to come up with your ideas and content that can help build a different context for the model answer.
  • Try to review sources that the researcher used to come up with the model answer and find more information or a better understanding of the context. It’s good to know that through the sources used, you will be sure to find related material that can help you build more content or different ideas that can be relevant to your research.
  • Having gathered all the relevant information, go through it again writing down the format to be used and maybe more information that needs to be included as per the requirements of the assignment.
  • With all this put, review our model answer to check on the analysis our researcher created, the structure that is recommended and used, including the sources, cited, how many, and in what range to help build your perfect work.
  • Once you get down to your work, try to make sure that your final content is 100% original in ideas and views with no traces of plagiarism, as by effortlessly doing so, you are committing yourself to learn how to handle the process rightfully and thoroughly that will make you well prepared for your examinations and what to come.

Can one submit the model answer as their own?: This is work done by a different researcher and put in their own words. Trying to copy their ideas and words, even with making alterations, is considered plagiarism that is never tolerated in any academic work. Therefore the answer is No. Universities/colleges in their work to model graduates that are creative, knowledgeable, and independent, require that students write their work even though they can buy guidelines on how to go about it. Therefore, for purposes of bringing out the best in you by writing good work that is satisfactory to yourself and the committee, you can work with our customised research that can be of benefit if only you work according to Our Fair Use Policy.