New Rules for Ordering from Skylink Research for UK Clients

Following the introduction of the new Post-16 Education Bill, would like to clarify our firm stand for the provision of dissertation writing services to our clients based in England and the wider United Kingdom. This page highlights all the important information for students seeking to engage our dissertation writing services in the United Kingdom.

The New United Kingdom Legislation and who it affects:

Students enrolled in post-16 education institutions located in England – they include Universities, Colleges, 6th Forms, and 16-19 Academies

  • AND engages us to provide/produce for them, a dissertation model/outline/skeleton answer.

Those not affected by The New United Kingdom Legislation:

  • This legislation does NOT affect students who are studying at institutions that are located in Wales and Scotland; or other countries.
  • This legislation does NOT affect students located or from England studying at institutions outside of England.
  • This legislation does NOT affect orders for other services such as dissertation editing, dissertation coaching, dissertation mentoring and dissertation marking services.

What Is This New Legislation

Inline with the new changes in legislation, Skylink Research has made the following changes to the ordering process. Please take note of the following:

– Student contact information

Any information that might lead us to believe that you’re a student from an English higher education, including the standard email address or English geographic phone prefix will lead to automatic order cancelation.

– Student IP address

If your IP address indicates that you’re in England, we might contact you to ask for more proof of the location of your institution of study.

– Additional study information

By providing additional materials, including attachments and other course materials like syllabus and rubric that suggest that you’re studying at an English higher institution, we’ll cancel your order. 

– Personal use

It has come to our notice that some students, who are clearly from English higher institutions, are providing more details that the requested service product is for personal use. However reasonably clear that the requested service product is for personal use, we’re obliged to cancel the order. 

– Request for proof of evidence

Incase of the occurrence of either or any of the above, Skylink Research might ask for proof of your place of study. Acceptable proof might include:

  • An offer letter for your course
  • A course outline
  • Any document addressing you from the institution in question

Just to save us all sometime, avoid frustrations from order cancellation, and to remain within the provisions of the UK Law, we ask our esteemed clients to observe the above and not to make orders in cases where this new legislation affects them.