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At Skylink Research, we can help you carry out a range of primary data collection of both numerical and non-numerical data for your academic research, using a diverse variety of quantitative and qualitative methods.

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It is possible to face various difficulties while collecting primary research data as a student. For example, for those working on this task for the first time, students may often experience problems with anxiety and lack of confidence in facing new people. 

In other instances, students may have difficulties interpreting information and feedback due to limited language knowledge. Therefore we at Skylink Research come to your rescue by ensuring that all primary research work is done for you.

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As a student, you expect to face a variety of issues when collecting primary data including but not limited to inexperience, anxiety, lack of confidence, and even your inability to interpret and understand the responses due to your inadequate language skills. So what are you waiting for? Place an order for our primary research service and let our writers collect the primary data for you.

As a trusted academic writing service provider since 2001, Skylink Research expert academics have years of experience in helping students from across the globe. If you wish to expand or narrow your research topic and gain meaningful insights into your selected area of research then you have come to the right place. Why should you trust Skylink Research Research for primary research writing services?

  • Expert writers

Our team of dissertation writers are experts who hold graduate and postgraduate degrees here in the UK—having a team of experts has earned us more customers who trust our services. When placing an order, we always make sure that we match you with a writer who checks your educational status and beyond. We also make sure that your writer is well versed in your scope of the study so that good and quality work is delivered to you. In addition, primary research writing is not an easy task. Therefore, it requires patience and attention, and our writers have experience in such fields.

  • Quality assured

The quality of your dissertation paper matters most, and primary research is no exception. Therefore, we are determined to deliver good quality work with in-depth primary research writing services to earn you excellent grades.

  • Plagiarism-free work

Our writers put more focus on the originality of your work. They will ensure that your work is unique. In addition, they will also run your work against a plagiarism detector to ensure that your work is 100% original.

  • Focused research questions

Our writers are focused on getting you satisfied with your work. We take on the extra task of ensuring that your topic of study is interesting and easily manageable. Our team of experts will create accurate and stated, precise, and focused research questions to guide you on your research and to ensure that your readers gain new insights into your paper with one glance.

  • Audience –oriented

Many students have trouble choosing a suitable target audience during primary research. However, our writers are equipped with the knowledge necessary for carrying out primary research. Therefore, they will select an appropriate target audience from various academic resources. In addition, they will also provide you with methods that will allow you to reach your target audience and reach successful and productive research.

  • Unbiased Research methodology

No one wants a biased research methodology, which will lower their chances of getting good grades in your dissertation. Therefore, our writers ensure that your primary research methodology is fair and unbiased.

  • Timely delivery

We always want to ensure that your work is delivered in time such that you can review your work and give us your feedback. We are always available for any services you need. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the amount of information or how complex your research is, and we will deliver your work in time.

  • Affordable services

No matter your budget, our services are favorable to you. However, if you are running tight on budget, make sure to place your order early enough to give our writers enough time to focus on your work. When orders have limited time, we charge more because of increased pressure to work. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your work, we offer revision services for up to 10 days at no further cost.

  • Excellent customer care service

Our customer care team works 24/7 to ensure that you are heard and understood. We do not have specific working hours. Therefore, you can reach our customer care team and address your issues, and they will reply to you within 10 minutes at most.

Types of Primary Research Methodology

A student may choose from three types of research designs while writing their dissertation papers. First, a student must choose an accurate research design to ensure that the data collection methods match the research aims, ensure that high-quality data are collected and secured, and implement the right approach to analyzing the research questions.

The three types of research designs include:

Qualitative research methodology

A qualitative research method is considered subjective to the research. It mainly focuses on answering the why and the how questions in the examination. In addition, the information gathered is represented in written form.

Quantitative research methodology

This methodology uses sampling methods and filling surveys and questionnaires to collect information. The results gathered from these sources are represented in a numerical form to predict the future of a product or a research study.

Mixed Research methodology

This research method design involves collecting, evaluating, and mixing qualitative and quantitative research designs and methods in a single study.

Working on primary research writing requires that a student follows eight steps:

  1. Decide on the type of data relevant to your research study. Your data could either be primary or secondary. In this case, we are already aware of our kind of data as primary data.
  2. Choose a primary research methodology depending on your study and preferences. Primary research methodologies, as discussed above, could either be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research methodology.
  3. Take note of the strengths and limitations of your research
  4. Select a specific method of data collection depending on your primary research methodology
  5. Select your audience who will participate in the study.
  6. Select measures depending on your research methodology
  7. Select your analysis depending on your research methodology
  8. Lastly, you must understand the procedure of conducting your research

Going through this process step by step could be tiresome for most students. Skylink Research provides you with services encompassing all these structures and delivers high-quality work. We are always one call away. Reach out to us for extensive services, within a short period, with the affordable process and delivery of quality work of primary research writing services. In case of issues of dissatisfaction, we are ready to work with you to ensure that we deliver more than what you want.