Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is mandated with explaining to you what you should expect through our process of collecting and processing your data, the rights that we guarantee you along with how you can exercise them as part of the agreement.

What we will do with your data

Although your data can be transferred to different personnel for purposes of the processing for specific reasons including agreeing, we guarantee you full confidentiality, and under no circumstance shall we expose your data to a third party.

Essential data

One is supposed to create an online account so that one can personally manage it and be able to download their orders. There will be a unique identifier to identify them and they can log in using their emails as their usernames.

We will also need your identifications like your name, email address, contacts, and any messages you send through your account for purposes of ensuring efficient communication regarding your order.

 We also ask about the country you are studying from in the order form, as different nations pose different VAT charges, so it will be meaningful to know where you are downloading the orders from.

We also need to have better information about the assignment you are tasking us with and the files uploaded to your order for processing purposes. It’s recommendable that you evade uploading the files with personal data although we will try to clean them up before our writers take them up.


Since we will still be holding your personal information even after the completion of service, and we still hold the right to pass you any information under your agreement, then we will sometimes communicate to you our new offers or promotions concerning our services to your name on your email address.

 Likewise, we might as well send you text messages through WhatsApp in your using your phone number to still inform you about the offers and promotions. However, we can only be mandated to make you a call once you request us about an existing service or anything related to your account.

Other purposes

We store the email addresses for customers to that we offer coupons, at times, as they can use the coupons when making orders in the future and therefore they are stored alongside their email addresses to avoid circumstances where unintended recipients may access them or use them to place orders on their behalf.

We also store and use IP addresses for our customers after they place their orders to pin their time zones and note their convenient times so that we can create communications as well as identify those using more than one account to order for our services.

We are also mandated to ask for proper documentation from our customers who tend to make payments over certain amounts as some could be using stolen cards to pay for the services which are considered fraud. So confirmation can be vital to preventing such cases but in the end, keep your data.

Also to note, legal disputes can happen in the future between us and the clients that might force us to retrieve all the information ranging from messages to orders placed to create evidence. Therefore all the data is archived in our systems and can only be accessed by a few of our team for specific reasons like evidence for any arising legal case or resolving any dispute that may arise in the future.


Our websites also contain cookies that will keep track, and help improve your experience when looking for information.

We do not sell your data

We guarantee you full confidentiality for your data and under no circumstance shall we expose it to anyone of interest, unless to some of our employees for specific purposes.

Your rights

Once we come to an agreement with our services and have collected all relevant information we need, clients are bound to certain rights: that they are in a position to request access to all the information we might hold about them; they might as well ask to rectify any errors or inaccuracies made in their bio-data; customer’s data can also be deleted from our systems upon their permission supposing they will no longer be benefiting from our services; on top of all that, clients can choose to terminate our relationship with them for different reasons, or prohibit us from processing their data permanently until consent is given or temporarily especially when the data is following some legal proceedings. In cases data is processed automatically, you have the right to ask for a copy of it which of course will be sent in a machine-readable format. Note that once any of the rights are violated by going against the agreement, one will have the liberty to issue the complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office the address the disagreement.

How we keep your data confidential

Security measures

For purposes of keeping the trust of our clients, we ensure the security of their information by applying several measures like encrypting personal data in case it is being passed to a third party. It may be also important to note that you should never email us sensitive information like credit card details as any communication through the internet or email is unencrypted and since it has to go through different countries to reach us, this may be accessed by different personnel that may create harm to this information in the process and we may never be in a position to help.

To avoid losing original data, we also do regular backups to avoid inconveniences.

Data retention policy

Data retention policies can vary depending on the ways the data will be retained for. Personal data can only be retained or withheld to satisfy certain purposes like the provision of services, communication with clients, or for legal purposes as stated above, among other reasons that prompted the collection of the information. Therefore certain conditions are predetermined before deciding on a retention policy as follows:

  • How long will we need the data- We will tend to cut down communications and send emails to you if it happens you have not been using your account for a very long time, especially years.
  • What we said we will do with the data- your data will be considered irrelevant once we are done with what we collected it for, or the purposes we needed it for are now non-existent.
  • Whether we have a legal obligation to reserve the data- for purposes of tax compliance reasons, we opt to keep financial data for clients for some time
  • Whether retention of the data is risky- data that is presumed to be sensitive and kind of risky in the case it’s lost has its retention period reduced to prevent chaos.

However, for purposes of reducing overloads of irrelevant information, inactive accounts have their data archived after four years of being dormant, which are later erased from our systems after six years of being inactive.

Transfers to countries outside the UK

Since we value the rights and privacy of our clients, we have managed to put in place measures that protect their data as most third parties that access the data for processing are not situated in the UK and therefore the data protection laws in those countries might not have the same standards as the ones here.

Age (children)

Note that customers who happen to be under the age of 18 are prohibited from making any registrations or transactions rather than full-pledged users of our website. Children, still the same, who happen to be the age 13 or lower, are expected to provide their personal information under the permission and inspection of their guardians or parents. Failure to abide by this rule will foresee the termination of all services including transactions as well as pulling down their data in possession until they find the permission and acceptance to re-submit.

Links to other websites

It’s good to put in mind that besides our websites carrying links to other websites from third-party, we are never responsible for the security or privacy of these websites.

Payment Data

Details on customers’ credit/debit cards and personal sensitive information will not be passed to third parties in whatever case or interest. Policies and Terms & Conditions on our websites are submitted to regular updating to meet the requirements and standards and therefore customers are always called upon to visit their sites and be updated on the changes right from the day they are posted.