Before You Get Started...

Before you get started, please prepare the following checklist:

  1. A list of people you already know would benefit from our services. Have their contact details ready. These could be members of your family enrolled in the University, friends, classmates, workmates, etc.
  2. List of physical places you can find new people to give the special code to. They could be the school library, the school writing center, at work, at class, just any place of your convenient.
  3. List of online avenues that you intend to find contacts to give the special code to. They could be a class WhatsApp group, social media, etc. 
  4. Set a goal of your achievements; short-term and long-term. This should be well articulated in a vision board. 
  5. Anything else you think you’ll need along the way. 
  6. Read all the strategies applied by other successful Client Managers. There is no point in trying to re-invent the wheel. Just apply what works. 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. If you have placed an order with us before, you should use the same email address as you used when placing your order to generate your special code.
  2. A successful referral counts as a brand new customer placing an order after using your special code.
  3. A “brand new” customer is someone who has never placed an order with Skylink Research.
  4. Existing customers will not count as a successful referral.
  5. For a referral to count, the client must order a full dissertation service. A full dissertation service is simply a full dissertation, from the introduction chapter to conclusion chapter. Please note that single chapter services and/or editing and proofreading services do not count.
  6. Failure to use the special code or modifying the special code may result in the referral not being counted.
  7. Your discount will be automatically generated and sent to you when your friend’s order is confirmed.
  8. The refer a friend discount is discretionary and can be refused at any time.

Earn £250 for every friend that you refer to Skylink Research and they order a full dissertation service! Each friend gets 10% discount on the first order, too!

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