Dissertation Proposal Template

The dissertation proposal should discuss problem statement, objectives, research methodology, research activities, and a time schedule in about 3-5 pages. Here is a sample dissertation proposal to help you get started.

Before writing your dissertation proposal, make sure you have everything you need. Ensure that:

  • Your research topic is concise, precise and important. If you have issues coming up with a good research topic, consider visiting the our resources for more information.
  • Understand your intended methodology by having a clear idea of how you plan to carry out your research. Your proposal needs to have clear and convincing methods to allow your examiners to let you carry on with your research.
  • Universities may differ in their instructions for a research proposal. Therefore, ensure you check your university requirements to avoid confusion.
  • The title page is very crucial in a research proposal. Your title is what your examiners will see first. Therefore, ensuring that this title is clear and descriptive will give a first-time reader a bigger picture of your research.

Introduction & Background

Make your introduction even more captivating now that your title has already piqued the reader’s interest. This part should provide a detailed description of your study subject, but it should not be too extensive. Justify why this issue is essential by stating the major aspects of your study. Include a summary of your research’s goals and objectives as well. This part should also contain any research questions that your analysis should address.

Literature Review

A literature review should contain several existing works of literature to support your research. First, in your proposal, ensure that you understand this literature. Then, create an in-depth discussion of this literature. First, however, guarantee that these works of literature are related to your study subject and that you have discovered a clear vacuum in this field of research that needs to be addressed while making these conversations.

Research Design / Methodology

Your research methodology should describe the procedures employed in conducting your study. You should offer a concise summary in your proposal since it is a suggestion, and you do not need to explain everything in depth. However, before providing a fundamental comprehension, think about the sort of study you’re doing to assist you in deciding which research methodologies to apply.

Your main attention in this section should be on the following:

• Choosing between a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method approach

• Methods of data collecting

• What kind of research methods should be used? (cross-sectional, longitudinal, etc.)

• Techniques for data analysis

When writing about these strategies, keep it simple by concentrating on the most important aspects of your study and expressing your comprehension of each one.

Practicalities / Project Management

Your institutions will want to assess the financial, time, and expert resources employed in your study while approving it. As a result, the resources you plan to engage in your research should be addressed in this area.

Keep the following in mind while designing a project management plan:

  • Creating a detailed project plan with well-defined dates that outline your study’s essential phases.
  • A realistic budget or a list of the tools you’ll need to do your study
  • A risk register that identifies the major hazards associated with your project.

• An in-depth look at the ethical issues that occur during research

Reference List

A reference list is vital in any academic paper. Therefore, ensure that you use correct citations and referencing styles in your dissertation. Examples of referencing styles include APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard referencing styles.

We propose Mendeley or Zotero as reference management software if you haven’t already. This software is free and easy to use, and they guarantee the correct usage of references. Click the following links to learn about them:


Supporting paperwork may be required depending on your university’s requirements. Any documents of this kind will be included in the appendices. In addition, an appendix in the body should be consulted.